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Trips & Clips, LLC is dedicated to providing the optimal experience for our travelers. Your preference is our priority. Our experienced videographers will capture the highlights from your trip, and pass the content onto our editors. We offer you independent excursions in addition to a media production that is personalized to your preference. You will walk away with a picturesque short film souvenir to share with friends.


After living in Puerto Rico for some time, it became apparent that typical tourist trap attractions were both overpriced and less than satisfactory. Popular tours tend to be restricted on a set time schedule. Guides do not go out of their way to make your experience the best that it can be. Excursions are mundane and indifferent to any other travel destination.  We also recognize that most travelers leave the island with no documentation of their experience on the island. Don't let them fool you, Puerto Rico is far to unique to waste your time and money on these uneventful activities.

Trips & Clips has a primary goal of spicing up your vacation, offering unique experiences on a budget, and sending you home with documented memories.

Our destinations are the ideal setting for your group to have a blast this vacation. As you venture off into these breath-taking locations, we will film, photograph, and edit the highlights from your experience, and compile them into a short film production with an aesthetic touch. 

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Our team of photographers, videographers, editors, and travel experts are here to make your vacation one for the books!

Kole Taylor

Kole Taylor

Our experienced tour guide and gifted videographer.

TJ Callaghan

TJ Callaghan

Our skilled videographer and professional editor.

Eli Shoup

Eli Shoup

Our Operations Manager and Session Coordinator

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