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Experiences to Remember

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Everyone goes on vacation. Not everyone gets the opportunity to have their vacation documented.

Not everyone has connections with professional editors and videographers in other countries.

But you can!

I understand, you may be hesitant to venture off with young videographers, and you may be skeptical of their abilities. How do you know you are going to be satisfied with your final cinematic short film production? Take it from me. I have been traveling around Puerto Rico with these young men all year. They never fail to capture candid shots of me when I least expect it, and they always turn out amazing!

“Wait! Do that again real quick. *click click*” - TJ Callaghan

Trips & Clips is very fortunate to have a staff of very creative and open minded videographers, photographers, tour guides, and editors. They never fail to see the aesthetic aspect of whatever it is you may be doing in any given moment. Additionally, they never fail to capture and edit these moments to perfection.

Typical excursions and tours in Puerto Rico in may be appealing at first. Whether it be guided hikes, snorkeling adventures, kayak excursions, or tours through Old San Juan's city streets, there is one thing that all these experiences have in common; they leave you with nothing to watch, share, or remember Puerto Rico by. They all seem to leave their customers with a gut feeling that they've been ripped off. Not to mention the lack of freedom during these excursions.

On the other hand, Trips & Clips allows you to experience various destinations for yourself. We also create a personalized video clip for you to watch, share, and remember the memories that you made in paradise.

No one else in Puerto Rico is willing to venture off across the island to meet travelers at their favorite secret spots. We do this for you. We want you to have the time of your life. We also want you to remember having the time of your life. We want you to share the amazing vacation you had with your friends, families, and social media followers.

Therefore, Trips & Clips will offer you accurate travel advice, a unique videography session with our professionals, and a final product of a personalized short film played over your favorite song.

by Eli Shoup, CEO of Trips & Clips, LLC

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