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Fight Against Pollution

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island, and his been given the nickname as the "Isla de Encanto", which translates to "the Island of Enchantment". Nothing compares to the 3,515 square miles of paradise in the heart of the Caribbean. However, it would not be this way without the helping hand of Environmental Conservation Organizations that are dedicated to fighting pollution and conserving the marine environment of Puerto Rico.

Trips & Clips team members are actively involved in combatting the constant pollution of our planet, and more specifically, our island. Waste management is one of the most prevalent issues that the natural environment faces in Puerto Rico. To counter the pollution, contamination, and waste that is produced by human consumption, our team members regularly attend limpiaton (clean up) events hosted by the Clearwaters Environmental Conservation Organization.

Clearwaters is an Environmental Conservation Organization that is dedicated to preserving the natural environment and marine life that makes up Puerto Rico and its surrounding corral reefs. Given that Trips & Clips is dedicated to sharing this same magnificent environment and marine life with tourists, it is vital that we contribute to preserving these areas for generations to come.

One clean up a time, Clearwaters has been creating a conservationist movement that is widely supported across the island. To help gain support, our team members document and photograph the events, so that the message and intent may be shared through social media. Visit the Clearwaters Instagram page to show support and learn more.


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